Meter Safety

During winter, heavy snow and ice can build up on or near meters, causing potentially dangerous conditions. Although meter problems due to weather are uncommon, follow these tips to help prevent them:

• Keep the meter area and path to your meter clear of now, leaves and debris
• Do NOT use a snow blower near the meter
• Do NOT attempt to remove ice from the meter. Call Agrinatural Gas (1-800-367-6964). You can use a broom to keep snow cleared around and on top of the meter set assembly
• If you observe ice on your meter or one or more of the following conditions, report it to Agrinatural Gas (1-800-367-6964) or our emergency number (1-877-414-1930)


• Snow or ice formations are visible above the meter
• Meter is located below a downspout
• Overhang or eave does not fully extend over the meter
• Meter is located below a roof valley without a gutter
• Meter is located below an exterior water spigot.