Natural Gas Excess Flow Valves and Eligibility

Agrinatural Gas's residential, multi-family, and small commercial customers can now request installation of an excess flow valve (EFV) on their natural gas service lines. A new regulation from the federal Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration has expanded the use of these valves, which have been installed on new or replacement services lines for the past several years.

An excess flow valve (EFV) is a safety device designed to automatically stop the flow of natural gas through the service line if it exceeds a predetermined rate. When activated, an EFV may prevent the buildup of natural gas and lessen the potential for property damage and/or injury. It should be noted that these devices generally do not protect against slow leaks, such as those caused by corrosion or loose fittings, or leaks located along customer-owned piping beyond the natural gas meter. Many customers already have an EFV installed on their natural gas service line. Customers who do not have an EFV may be eligible to have one installed.

EFVs are not available for some customers due to the amount of gas used, areas with delivery pressure less than 10 psi, or other circumstances that hinder the effectiveness of the EFV. If a customer is eligible and requests the installation of an EFV, an EFV will be installed at a time that is mutually agreeable to Agrinatural Gas and the customer. The customer will be responsible for the cost of excavation and surface restoration associated with installation of the EFV. Once installed, there is no cost to the customer to maintain. Estimates for cost and time frame for construction will be provided as requested on a case by case basis. Since the EFV will be installed on Agrinatural Gas’s gas pipe, only Agrinatural Gas or its approved contractors may perform the installation. Customers can request more information about EFV installations by calling our customer service at 800-367-6964.