A high-efficiency Natural Gas heating system will keep you warm and draft free, even on the coldest days! Whether you have or are looking to purchase a forced air or hydronic system, Natural Gas is up to 97% efficient; emits up to 40% less carbon emissions of an electric heat pump and reduces nitrous oxide emissions by up to 55%.


Natural Gas delivers a steady flow of warm air that heats your home faster while using less energy. You can expect your gas furnace to perform up to twice as long as an electric heat pump. Greater efficiency, lower operating costs and longer furnace life – that’s where the savings really start to add up.


With Natural Gas radiant systems including hydronic floor heating, warm air doesn’t rise to the ceiling. Instead, warm water circulates through radiators or tubing embedded in the floor. Warm air evenly radiates and stays at a lower level, eliminating cold zones and drafts. With radiant floor heating, you get all the clean burning and efficiency of Natural Gas combined with the benefits of heating with water.


The kitchen is the centerpiece of many homes – the hub where family and friends gather to talk, laugh and most importantly, prepare the meals. Home chefs want the same even heat and temperature control that only comes from cooking with Natural Gas. And, with Natural Gas the kitchen is always open, even during a power outage. Today’s gas ranges, ovens, cooktops and grills have you cooking like a pro but they help you save energy and money because Natural Gas can be turned on or off instantly. It costs about half as much to cook with a Natural Gas range as an electric one. You can’t beat Natural Gas in the kitchen.


For drying, nothing beats the comfort, savings and conservation of Natural Gas. That’s because Natural Gas dryers work by moving warm air through the clothes. You can also dry, on average, two loads of clothes in a Natural Gas dryer for the same amount it would cost you to dry one load in an electric dryer. Natural Gas dryers dry faster than electric dryers – with less tumbling, your clothes last longer and you get back valuable time on laundry day.

For washing, Natural Gas heats water quickly and more efficiently. In fact, a gas water heater heats water up to twice as fast as an electric one, meaning you always have hot water on laundry day.

If you install a Natural Gas tankless water heater near your washer you could save hundreds of gallons of water a year simply by reducing the amount of cold water standing in the pipes between your water heater and your washing machine. A tankless water heater heats only the water you need when you need it, reducing stand-by energy loss from unused water left to cool in the tank. You will save energy, but you will look and feel better too with Natural Gas in your laundry room.


A clean-burning, Natural Gas fireplace can bring all the warmth and beauty of a real wood fireplace without cutting down trees, hauling wood or cleaning up soot. It’s a great way to bring warmth to your home and bring ambiance into any room in the house. While some gas fireplaces are designed exclusively for decorative use, others are built to heat a room or even an area of your home. Thanks to the clean-burning nature of Natural Gas, you can continue to enjoy the ambiance and warmth of a fire anytime.


With Natural Gas you can cook, relax and entertain with style. Simply start with a clean-burning Natural Gas grill, fireplace, and patio heaters and you can watch the stars even when the nights begin to cool off.

Grills – sure it's a grill, but it's more like having an outdoor kitchen. With a Natural Gas grill, grilling season never ends. You won’t miss running out of charcoal or the mess and the particulate emissions it puts out. Grilling outdoors also helps keep the AC bills down in the summer because it keeps the heat outside. And…’ll never have to worry about filling a "tank".

FireplaceNatural Gas log sets and fireplace inserts add instant ambiance to an outdoor area and there is no messy wood to chop, buy or haul and no clean-up. Just good ole, clean-burning, maintenance-free fun!

Patio HeatersNatural Gas heaters give you outdoor comfort no matter what time of year it is. Just because you are outside doesn’t mean you can’t control the conditions!

Pool Heaters – If you have a pool or spa, why not heat it more efficiently and with fewer greenhouse gas emissions?