Agrinatural Gas has provided, since 2011, industrial customers, community churches, schools, the nursing home, agribusinesses and private homeowners/renters with a stable supply of natural gas in Heron Lake and the surrounding areas.

The ability to access natural gas has provided property owners another avenue to secure heating alternatives that weren't available in the past. Natural gas also allows the local communities to potentially attract businesses that require large quantities of natural gas from a stable supply as part of their business plans.

Thank you for providing natural gas service as an option to the local Heron Lake area.

Bob Ferguson


Our school district was very excited when Agrinatural Gas became available first to our elementary in Heron Lake and now to our high school in Okabena. Financially, we have already realized the savings in the conversion from fuel oil to natural gas.

Tracy L. Freking
Business Manager
Heron Lake-Okabena ISD #330


The City of Heron Lake was pleased to have another option for our citizens energy needs.  Agrinatural Gas was easy to work with, responsive to anything that came up and has enabled the City to reduce heating costs.   

Brenda Martin-Granstra
City of Heron Lake


The addition of Natural Gas has provided a huge economic boost to our City and the surrounding areas.

John Hay
City Council Member
City of Heron Lake


When Natural Gas became available in the City of Heron Lake the decision was made to convert the assisted living complex as quickly as possible.  There has been a significant savings over propane and we have experienced no interruptions in natural gas service flow.

Lakeview Assisted Living / Lakes Communities, Inc.
Randy Bauermeister, Maintenance 


Personally, we installed a new natural gas furnace in our home for the convenience and savings over fuel oil.  The savings realized in past two years has more than paid for the cost of the new furnace and the installation.  Natural gas burns just as hot out of our furnace registers as the fuel oil had previously.

Kathy & Randy Bauermeister